Tosin’s List! Part One – Why the List!

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Video Intros Subblog: Tosin’s List! Part One – Why the List!

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PART ONE – Why the list!
Man, I don’t know why this idea has never occurred to me before! Here I plan to list out all the “essential criteria” that I would love to see in my husband! This is a little tongue-in-cheek just now, because I’m in a bit of a playful mood just now as I type this. However you have got to believe me that I am utterly sincere and serious about all these characteristics.

Looking for Perfection!
I am looking for perfection! Yeah, I said it! OK, well maybe I’m not really! However, there are some people who act like this: whenever I start listing some of the characteristics that I aspire to in my own life, and the ones I want from my husband, they will say “Well, we can’t all be perfect!” Honestly, it annoys me so much! I do not think that these characteristics amount to perfection, but rather excellence. However, for the benefit of those people, if you equate “insisting on excellence” to “demanding perfection”, then yes, I am indeed looking for what you apparently count by your standards as “perfection”. And while we are on the topic, yes, I apparently am perfect – and emphatically so – by your standards! If you as a man do not meet these standards of “perfection”, then please do not even look at me – please! You know, as I write this, another birthday for me is fast approaching – you feel me?! However, for everyone else reading this, whose standards are perhaps a little higher, who can understand that aspiring to be excellent does not equate to claiming to be perfect, then please discount this whole paragraph! Seriously! (Shaking a somewhat annoyed head!)

Speaking candidly, I know that listing out my “essential characteristics for my husband” might come across as being somewhat arrogant, as if I am sitting here on high in unerring confidence of my own, erm, perfection(!) and judging all these men to see whether any of them could even nearly be good enough for me. This is not true at all. All these things that I am listing are attributes that I am actively working towards in my own life. In many cases I have demonstrated these attributes in my own life countless times. On the other hand, I also have another blog where I am very candid about my own failures in striving after Christlikeness, and issues I struggle with in my heart.

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