To Rekindle Your Fire, Try Rekindling Your Friendship!

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Well I have been thinking as always about relationships. I can’t quite remember how the following thought process happened in my mind, but somehow these ideas rolled themselves out…

I finally realised that for myself friendship is so close to romantic attraction. If there is deep emotional compatibility and any physical attraction between me and a guy, then trying to build a “friendship” is almost guaranteed to result in a little romantic chaos. One event really sticks out in my mind concerning this. That time when I responded so over-enthusiastically to “a certain someone” that I had to run away afterwards. Since then I’ve been beating myself up endlessly. Just what came over me that day?! Why did I have to behave like that?! Oh man, if I had not acted that way, that day, then he and I could actually have been friends! But my recent realisation makes me to believe that that kind of explosion would ultimately have been inevitable in any effort to build friendship between him and me. If I had managed to escape that particular interaction without acting in that strange way, then perhaps one day we would have been talking, and then we would have held one another’s gaze a little too long, or a little too intently, and then I would have felt compelled to run away; or perhaps one day I might actually have sighed as he and I hugged, and then I would have felt compelled to run away (and as fast as I possibly could – oh, mortification!)

Or perhaps one day after eagerly chatting away in innocent friendly conversation, I might have looked down to discover to my horror that without realising I had been holding his hand for the last half hour. And then slowly looking up into his face with that same look of horror, from his facial expression I would have instantly deduced that he had been aware of it all along, and he had allowed me to keep holding his hand for the sake of sparing my feelings. At this, I think I would not even have bothered to run away. I would just have wanted the earth to open up and swallow me right there and then! Or – this is probably way too much information but honesty compels me to admit this…


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