Freebook: The Interaction Between Personality and Character

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It recently occurred to me that it would be quite helpful to write a post on the difference between personality and character and how they interact for this main reason:
In my relationship writings I am always saying that it takes 2 years to get to know someone. Yet I realised that there are some aspects of someone’s nature which can become apparent very quickly. Personality is one of these aspects. And then it is very possible to fall for someone’s personality very quickly.

There are a few different aspects to someone’s make-up, that is, what goes into making someone.
Some of these include:
Work Ethic

Psychologists might disagree, however I would say that none of these listed here are fixed, but they are all largely fluid. For instance someone might work hard to develop new skills, which will then round out their abilities.

On my blog I talk a lot about character. So here then is the difference between personality and character, and here is why it is important.

Character is made up of things like: someone’s commitment to honesty, to telling the truth, to integrity, to treating other people with courtesy and dignity. Character also includes things like determination to persevere through hard times, to keep doing what is right, even if this seems impossible. Perhaps someone’s character can be defined then by their determination to do what is right because it is right and how determined they are to align their lives and their chosen path with what is right.

Personality however is made up of things like: how someone dresses, how they wear their hair, whether or not they can be considered “cool”, the type of music that they listen to; their sense of humour.

In general, I find that someone’s personality does not necessarily give the slightest indication to their character, except if their outward appearance indicates that they do not make any effort. So someone might dress beautifully, they might wear their hair flamboyantly, be easily the “coolest” person around, dazzle everyone with their brilliant sense of humour – and yet still have truly beautiful character. They might go out of their way to help other people, they might strive to live their lives with truth and sincerity at all times, they might even write Bible blogs chronicling their struggles to pursue holiness and righteousness, for instance!

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