The Characteristics AKA Angry Ranting Post!

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These are a few of the characteristics that I would love to find in a husband. However, these are also the characteristics that I am striving after for myself, in life generally and for marriage specifically.

I hope it is fair to say that as a person there are so many things that I do not care about in my husband. To be candid I can be a bit superficial, so I do care about an attractive appearance! But I definitely do not care about things like his financial standing, his.. (Hmm, on writing this I’m realising that I care about a lot more than I’d realised!) OK, so I definitely do not care about his financial standing!
I have such big hopes for marriage because I have big hopes for life in general. I simultaneously want to achieve lots in my life and have a gloriously happy marriage. I am trying to be the best person that I can be to achieve that. However I know that the character of my husband will also be desperately important to that. It will be important to the issue of having an amazing marriage, and it will also be important to the issue of dreaming big dreams.

Oh man, I have already spoken at length on my blog about the kind of marriage I dream of. I am dreaming of a marriage where we literally live in one another’s arms, and spend our entire lives smiling at one another tenderly.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse regarding everything I am also incredibly sensitive to behaviour. I grew up surrounded by genuine love and fantastic character from my father, and there are just some things that I cannot handle, because they are so far removed from my experience growing up that I still have not learned how to deal with them. I just cannot handle a man’s insecurities, especially where those insecurities might in any way limit my own ambitions. I cannot graciously handle a man’s irrational ego and any attempts he might make to assert his supposed “masculine superiority” by trying to undermine me (my opinions, my emotions, my intellect, my achievements). (This does not mean that there is no room for honest disagreement…

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