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“For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace” Romans 6v14

For reasons that regular readers of my writings will probably not be able to eventually escape reading about, (again and again and again and again!) I have recently found myself somewhat immersed in the world of – Christian romantic fiction. I used to love reading romantic fiction. However I have always avoided Christian fiction of all kinds, and especially Christian romantic fiction, because I’ve always expected huge dollops of cheese! These days I don’t read much fiction at all, possibly because I’m too rooted in the real world – ha ha ha! (Also reading about passionate and tender kissing especially always manages to stimulate deep yearnings within me, which are just not helpful right now – to be candid! (This is not true of reading about hugs, surprisingly! – That said, I’ve noticed that few authors tend to go into in-depth discussions of passionate hugging…))

However, in my wanderings, just today I came across a book review that really spoke to me. This is about homosexuality, and from the description it is not in any way presented as a romantic piece – ie, it was not celebrating the homosexuality. (However it was featured on the blog of someone who writes and reviews romantic fiction which is the connection.) I have not read the book myself, this is the first I am hearing of it, but from the review it presents a compelling and honest portrayal of homosexual desires. From the description of the book, I love the way it describes the main protagonist as having a “rock-solid faith”…

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