Please Lord Let Him Not Ask Me Out!

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Video Intros Subblog: Please Lord Let Him Not Ask Me Out!

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I’ll explain the title straight away:  ultimately I would of course want the right man to ask me out.  The prayer is that he would not ask me out before the time is right!  All will be revealed – please read on!

OK, I must admit that I’m kinda excited as I write this post.  Actually, I’m generally excited for reasons that extend beyond this particular blog; I feel as if God has granted me understanding about such important matters that I have been struggling with for so long!  This is actually a matter for my other blog: in short, I feel as if God has been SO good, and I have been SO unwise!
These things are so powerful and far-reaching in my life, that once again I have to tentatively broadcast this question – has someone been praying for me?! (Again?!)

Coming back to this particular blog, I am also excited for more specific “Huggie-Wuggie” reasons. I feel as if I have finally “worked out” a way to hopefully get to check out someone’s character – without making it look as if I am chasing him – and that is what I would like to discuss in this post!

A little confession:
Even though I am unapologetically proactive about my relationships and my longed-for eventual marriage, the truth is that it makes me feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable to do anything that would look like chasing a man.  And yet I have done this simply because I could not think of any other way to position myself to carefully evaluate someone.

Additionally, I was recently reflecting on this matter: that when I am investigating someone, I will give it 100% of my effort.  There is no way that the man could avoid noticing.  And then when I eventually decide that I am not after all interested, it will just go from 100% of months and months of my eager interest to nothing, just like that. I’m thinking that the sense of rejection that the man might feel could possibly be intense, even if he was not actually interested in me in that sense. I would hate to cause anyone to feel that kind of sense of rejection.  Once again though, I simply have not been able to think of any other way of tackling this issue.  And I was rationalising that it must also be the same kind of rejection that many women have felt when men decide that they are no longer interested, and when men suddenly stop chasing after showing very avid interest.  This does not make it OK though.

And then there is also the issue that people tend to behave unnaturally when they know that they are being watched.

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