Passionately in Friendship

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Well after what seems like months of not quite getting around to writing a post, I am in exactly that kind of mood where I know I should not be writing a Huggie-Wuggie post. That is, that kind of dreamy state where I allow my common-sense to be overridden, and I release myself to thinking how lovely it would be to have a husband! I was just imagining that kind of scenario where such an easy and free relationship would exist between my husband and me, that I would just crack a joke, and the two of us would laugh and finish it off with a spontaneous and friendly hug at the same time. And it would just come so freely and naturally. Ah, hugs! (Warning – I suspect that this is one of those posts that will not really go anywhere! – In fact, I’ve already run out of things to say!) Ah yes, that was it! This was a practical demonstration in my mind of what it would look like to be both best friends and lovers with your husband at the same time! My imagination is so powerful to me! I have to be able to see things before I can understand them and then try to put them into practice in my own life. And this is one thing that has always stumped me! That is, the question of how to combine the romantic aspect of your relationship with the friendship aspect of your relationship. Perhaps my difficulty is because both of these are very strong ideas for me and I value my friendships so much that I never wanted to jeopardise any of my strong friendships with men by introducing the awkwardness and uncertainty of romantic questions.

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