Of Husbands and Husbandry

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I’m sure most people will have come across the idea that women are supposedly irrational or overly emotional. Personally speaking, I have always resisted this idea, not least on this blog. By the grace of God, I am quite confident that I think in a very logical and rational way.  I like to think that I approach my life with common-sense.  I like to think through things and build systematic foundations for myself.  In this way I hope that my behaviour in any one situation would not just be about what makes sense right there and then, but would be built on carefully developed principles.
And yet!
Just yesterday I was thinking through the things I have expressed on this blog.  Just as a very rough estimation, I would say that posts on this blog roughly fall into three groups.
The first group is posts that are written from a sense of need right there and then, for instance  “I so wish you were here so that you could hug me right now!” – posts written from the heart.
The second group is of posts that are a little bit more measured and thought through, written from rational thought.
And the third group are posts which are simply inspired by the Spirit of God and wisdom, when I know that this is the Spirit of God speaking.
Reading back, even years later, I can tell which of my posts were written under true inspiration of God, and which ones resulted from my own thinking or emotions.
My focus today is going to be on those uninspired thoughts groups one and two.
Even though these thoughts are not necessarily inspired by the Spirit of God, they are still legitimate expressions of who I am and what I think about marriage and what I want in marriage.


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