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OK, I’ll admit it. I have just raced through writing my blog post on my Bible blog so that I could finally get to “the object of my desire” which today, is this post itself! I have been itching to write this post all week – when I have not been smiling off into the distance, that is! I had actually been planning to write a post under this title last week (but as usual I completely forgot when it came to the time to actually write the post). However, it has only been in the course of this week that I have finally released myself to truly luxuriate in prayer regarding Mr HW and my marital dreams. Finally!!! Can you imagine?!  After so many years of watching other people’s relationships, thinking, asking myself questions, devouring as much material as I can find on relationships, and blogging. (In fact, this blog is now a full three years old, (and a year old under its own domain name).  I might publish the archives so people can look back through the full history!)
And now at last, I am in that happy place of praying. Happy sigh!  The prospect of being happily married holds so much joy that even praying about it brings so much joy as you excitedly look forward to this thing.
But yes, now to the actual “obsessed” thing.

I was thinking away on these issues as always:  marriage….husband…how to know and evaluate someone’s character… and then a worrying thought darted across my mind.

“Oh no, Lord, I honestly think…I might be….a little obsessed!”

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