Moving Back to London?!

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Please note, originally I wrote this post in June 2014, and I eventually did move back to London in late 2015…
Well I recently celebrated another anniversary of my arrival here in this beautiful city. I love this city so much. However, from the perspective of finding a husband, sorry, being found by a husband I must admit that I’ve also been wondering whether I should just move back to London, and be done with it. And yet on reflection, I think I might just stay put here!

A funny story
I am not entirely sure that it would be appropriate to share this story: I was actually in London not too long ago, and I found myself in a situation involving lots of young people around my age. I’ve recently written a post about how I love colourful make-up and jewellery. Well, that particular day I was deliberately trialling a no-make-up look, and I wore the simplest earrings I own – a pair of coloured glass studs. So for once in my life I was wearing absolutely no makeup whatsoever – no eyeshadow, no lip gloss or foundation. I was wearing nail-varnish though! Two men who were around my age, and both actually very handsome, happened to sit in front of me. I had chosen my seat first, but I had decided not to sit to close to the front, so they came later and then sat in the seats immediately in front of me. Then these two men both proceeded to stare at me for the duration of the evening, more intently than anyone has ever stared at me in my life. It was as if neither of them had ever seen a woman before. One of them walked away, but then later contrived to be directly in front of me in a queue. I was surprised at the staring in general but at this particular thing I was amazed! I myself am so capable of such behaviour. However, I have never seen a man acting like this in my life – never! On one hand the focus was so intent that I almost felt uncomfortable. On the other hand it was extremely flattering to be the object of such fascinated male attention! (A rather less flattering interpretation is that they may have recognised me from somewhere – perhaps from one of my blogs?)

I am ashamed to say that my own behaviour towards these men was not friendly in the slightest. I noticed straight away of course that they were looking at me but I pretended throughout the entire evening not to notice, and I completely blanked them both. I did not even smile at them even in a casually friendly way. At this I am kicking myself a little when thinking back on it. I could at least have smiled to acknowledge them, I could have asked a few questions, been friendly, been sociable. It was not like I had to marry either of them right there and then, was it?! And as I say they were both very handsome! In my own defence I am a little bit out of practice in such gatherings, even though I grew up thoroughly immersed in them.


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