Freebook: Marrying My Best Friend (Short Story)

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Standing there in my big white dress, I grinned into the eyes of my best friend, who was equally smartly dressed in his crisp white shirt and suit. We giggled naughtily at one another even as we posed for the photographer. Man, I had pulled many a prank in my time, but this one…this one surely took the biscuit!
And yet I was soon to be brought back down to earth.

“You look so handsome!” I volunteered in a carefree way. He did look handsome, of course, he always looked handsome, but every man looks especially good on his wedding day – and apparently this was true even on a fake wedding day. I was a little surprised by just how much attention to detail he had applied to our little joke. I mean – brand new shoes – seriously?! (Well obviously I had new shoes, but for crying out loud, I’m a girl!!!)

He looked into my eyes with such intensity that it almost took my breath away.
“You look beautiful too.” He pronounced his next words very deliberately and meaningfully.
“You always look beautiful.” His next words were a little more confused. “Man I so wish that, I just wish that…” at this point he closed the gap between us and to my unspeakable amazement he kissed me, so gently, on my forehead. Part of me could tell somewhere deep within me that he was waiting and hoping that I would kiss him back but I just felt so dazed that I could not respond at all. I could neither push him away or draw him closer. I just stood, feeling stunned, and in those milliseconds the truth finally hit me with such force.


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