Lord, Please Give Me a Prayer Warrior!

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Well a few things have happened recently. The conclusion I have come to is that I seriously have to find me a husband, and fast! (How often I say that!) Each of the many times I have said this, I have been utterly sincere. However this time, I am brought to the point of shaking my head, as I (finally) realise just how crucial this is in my life. And then he absolutely has to be committed to serious, intense, all-consuming prayer. He has to be consumed with a desperation for Christ, for holiness, for righteousness, for purity, for the Kingdom of God. Of course I have always known this. However now it strikes home so emphatically that alongside an impassioned pursuit of Christlike character, a determined and desperate and aggressive prayer and Bible life is possibly the single most important criterion for choosing a spouse. (I still have to be deeply attracted to him though, of course – let’s not get carried away!)

Certain things have happened recently which have made me see that while yes, I am extremely zealous for God and determined to live for Him and to dedicate my life to His service, there are inevitably gaps in my understanding or in my knowledge. The kingdom of darkness can sometimes exploit these gaps, leaving me confused.

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