Ignoring My Huggie-Wuggie?!

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Video Intros Subblog: Ignoring My Huggie-Wuggie?!

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Well today I’ve got to admit that I was in two minds about whether to write a post here or not. On one hand, I so badly wanted to lose myself in pouring out these thoughts – not only here on Huggie-Wuggie, but also on “Tosin’s Bible Blog”. On the other hand, I have a few other insistent commitments which were weighing heavily on my mind.

But then finally I thought of how inconsistent my blogging has been of late, and I eventually decided to give this time to my blog posts after all. I do still feel a little guilty about this because these other commitments concern other people whom I truly love and care about. In that light, giving myself to this just now feels a little like a selfish indulgence. And yet, in some ways, that is a great analogy for marriage itself!

What I mean is this: I sometimes think that in life there will always be so many genuine and pressing needs to look to. I am not trying to be flippant about these particular issues which concerned me today because they are genuinely deeply, deeply important. And yet in life, these genuinely and deeply important issues will never end. In the midst of that, you still have to make time for your own self, and your marriage. In fact, it is something that people say that it is when you make time to invest into yourself that you are truly empowered and energised to help other people. By God’s grace, I deeply hope and expect that my eventual longed-for marriage will truly be a place of mutual empowerment and energising, both for me and my husband. This hope is so profound within me that even now before marriage I find it energising and encouraging and inspiring to simply talk about this hope!


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