Further Thoughts about Submission

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I think it is fair to say that the idea of wifely submission has been one of my biggest hang-ups about marriage thus far. I have already written a substantial post about it. Additionally, something that causes me to have deep resentment about it is the fact that many men seem to take it for granted that

a. Their opinion is higher than mine – for whatever reason – because they are male?
b. I see and acknowledge this natural order of things, like any sensible woman.

Consequently these men don’t seem to understand why the question of lifelong submission to them might cause me any kind of issue whatsoever, but I guess they rather expect that I would jump or run to submit to their supposedly higher opinion. All this this might sound like an exaggeration, heavily laced with my usual sarcasm. However you have to believe me – my goodness, it is all so true – especially in the Church. I am so tempted to give some examples. (I almost naughtily wish that a few of my male friends would provoke me sufficiently to the point where I feel justified in spelling it all out!) I honestly don’t know what thoughts young men learn to cultivate about women…

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