Fulfilling His Needs

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Well I’ve just written a post which was indirectly all about trying to communicate my needs to my husband – as usual!  I guess this shows human nature, that even with all the best will in the world, to make this blog an objective analysis of how to have a great marriage, I tend towards talking about about my own needs, and trying to communicate what those might be in marriage, instead of thinking about how I would be a great wife, and fulfilling my husband’s needs!  I guess that I need to consciously and deliberately apply thought to this area, as I would expect to do in marriage, constantly asking myself that question:  what are this man’s needs and how could I fulfil them, as far as I am able?!

This thought has just occurred to me, that even where I have managed to acknowledge my husband’s needs, I have just tended to make them a mirror image of my own needs. That is, wherever I have acknowledged something I might want, it has been easy to flip it on its head and say “Well my husband will probably need this too!”  I guess the challenge then is to think about a husband’s potential needs, not merely viewed through my own needs, but rather asking what he might need, in his own right, and how I might be able to cater to those needs.

I guess that in writing this blog I always assume that (of course, by God’s grace!) I am going to be a great wife!  Because I am so sincere about all of this, and I think about it so deeply! Surely from all this I do not need to sit down and explicitly spell out the ways in which I plan to be my very best, for him, in that I have indirectly spelled it out so many times, and I have endlessly communicated my determination in this area!
Hmm, maybe so, but perhaps someone out there needs to see this, all the same!

So then these are all the ways in which I hope and plan to be an excellent spouse for my husband:
1.  Prayer:  Whenever I pray for my marriage, which has not been a lot lately, admittedly, I pray that God would enable me to be an excellent spouse.

This makes me sit down and think:  OK, so what exactly would it mean for me to be an excellent spouse from my husband’s perspective? I always assume that it must be a “husbandified”  version of  exactly the same thing as what I as a wife would be looking for – but what if it is not?!


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