Ebook Summary: The Difference Between “Friendly” and “Friendship”

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What is Friendship? (Also available as a standalone free ebook)
The likelihood is that we share different values with different people to different extents. Stronger friendships will be possible with people who share the same central values, and who place the same emphases on these values, whereas it is still possible to be friends with someone whose outlook in life is quite different, it is just that the friendship will naturally not have the same potential.
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The Difference Between “friendly” and “friendship”
As Christians, I’ve recently come to see that association is EVERYTHING. Seriously. This isn’t anything weird or complex. When I say “association”, I simply mean the people we spend time with, the people we hang around with. The people we choose to spend time with can either make or break our lives – no kidding. There could be times in our lives – there probably will be times in our lives – when this could be a matter of life and death – perhaps for our own selves, or perhaps for people close to us.
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Joy and Sadness!!!
And then reflecting on it, it occurred to me that God has been so unspeakably good to me, and blessed me with such an amazing life! I have so much to be grateful for. His provision, His protection, His love, my great family, peace, joy – so many things! Dear Lord, please help me to stop complaining! Rather, please help me to see Your grace and Your love in every situation, and to celebrate the goodness that happens all around me!
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Struggling against an Overactive Imagination!
By the grace of God, God has blessed me with a very strong imagination. This is possibly the single biggest gift that God has given me, and is at the root of absolutely every skill in my life that I am grateful for. As a child I read and read (and read and read and read!) and that was mostly to feed my imagination. All my ambition, all my yearnings, even this blog itself is largely a product of my imagination.
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I was thinking away on these issues as always: marriage….husband…how to know and evaluate someone’s character… and then a worrying thought darted across my mind.
“Oh no, Lord, I honestly think…I might be….a little obsessed!” The thought initially came with some fear –
“Oh no, that would be dreadful!”
Immediately the machinery of my mind automatically started moving to reassure myself that
“No, I am not obsessed…it’s fine…”
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Moving Back to London?!
Whenever I am discussing with my Uncles and Aunties and they ask me “How is the husband thing” (which African Uncles and Aunties will invariably ask), and I say “I am still trusting God…still praying…” or whatever else I can think of at the time, these Uncles and Aunties will almost invariably recommend that I should move back to London. And in a way it seems to be a pretty obvious move to make, even though I’ve resisted it all these years. That is because there are more and bigger churches, with more young people, more men, more Nigerian men, a bigger Nigerian community, a better social life.
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Further Thoughts About Submission
I honestly don’t know what thoughts young men learn to cultivate about women, which might leave so many of them thinking that we women are all going to be hanging eagerly and adorably on each of their words, or that we are waiting impatiently for their male (and therefore inherently superior) wisdom to direct our lives… Yeah, I might have expressed impatience myself once or twice on this blog, but it has been impatience for hugs and holding hands, not because I feel lacking in wisdom to live my own life!
Full Summary: Further Thoughts About Submission

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