Ebook Summary: Welcome to the Friendzone!

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The Interaction Between Personality and Character (Also available as a standalone free ebook)
“…Character is made up of things like: someone’s commitment to honesty, to telling the truth, to integrity, to treating other people with courtesy and dignity. Character also includes things like determination to persevere through hard times, to keep doing what is right, even if this seems impossible. Perhaps someone’s character can be defined then by their determination to do what is right because it is right and how determined they are to align their lives and their chosen path with what is right…”
Full Summary: The Interaction Between Personality and Character

Welcome to the Friendzone!
“…The friendzone is when you know someone who could feasibly be a romantic partner, but for whatever reason, one of you says “Let’s just be friends!” Apparently, putting someone in the friendzone is universally disliked, however, I gotta say, I LOVE the friendzone! I like putting my friends in the friendzone and I like being put in the friendzone myself, as long as everyone is being sincere…”
Full Summary: Welcome to the Friendzone!

Married to Myself?!
“…This is hopefully quite a humorous post inspired by a recent article I did not actually fully read, eventually! The basic premise of the article from the headline and excerpt was that a certain woman grew fed up of remaining unmarried, and in despair at the lack of available partners, she decided to simply go ahead and get married…to herself. I totally fell apart laughing, but there was a touch of poignancy in the article in that apparently she now felt that her existence had been validated…”
Full Summary: Married to Myself?!

Marriage Is Not an “Eat as Much as You Like” Buffet!
“…A big lie:
A big lie that society spins for us is that relationships are a place where you can get your needs met, that you can take as much as you like or as much as you need.
The Christian version of the lie:
The Christian version of the lie is very similar to the regular version of the lie. The only difference in the Christian version is that we expect to get married first, and then to proceed as above!…”
Full Summary: Marriage Is Not an “Eat as Much as You Like” Buffet!

Further Prayers for My Marriage
“…Someone who invests himself into excellence, always eager to learn new things, but still does not live to work; someone who would spontaneously make time for his clingy wife right in the midst of his daily schedule – coffee shop dates, extended lunches – ideally, someone who is self-employed, like I am, so that our working and our living together would be tightly intricated, where we are constantly in one another’s “hair”…”
Full Summary: Further Prayers for My Marriage

Talking about Pornography and Sexual Fantasies
“…I am going to hijack my own post for the sake of asking this question, which I must admit that I have considered often whenever pornography has been discussed. Simply this: Does every man struggle with this thing – or the overwhelming majority of men? Even my holiest, purest, most prayerful brothers, full of fire and spiritual vigour – do they struggle with pornography as well? Does this then mean that any potential husband of mine will also be struggling with this, no matter how holy he is and aspires to be?…”
Full Summary: Talking about Pornography and Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Purity: Further Thoughts
“…This is not by any means the first time that this has occurred to me. Actually, countless times I have made up my mind: “Lord I have to live in purity for You!” And I have also spent countless hours trying to think of a successful strategy for pursuing mental purity. Please believe me that I am not exaggerating in this. Over the course of more than a decade I have prayed endlessly. I have fasted many times. I have spoken out the Bible endlessly…”
Full Summary: Sexual Purity: Further Thoughts

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