Ebook Summary: How Women Make Themselves Cheap

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A Business-Minded Spouse as a Business Investment (Also available as a standalone free ebook)
“…This post is not about selfishly going out to get married just for the sake of pushing forward in business life and dreams. I know many people do that. For instance some people get married at least in part for the sake of having a free personal assistant, housekeeper, cook, cleaner etc. I am not talking about that here in this post. Rather I am talking about why two ambitious people who are both pursuing their own dreams in life, might find it conducive and deeply beneficial, not just for life generally but also specifically for their dreams, to find one another, genuinely fall deeply in love, and proceed to get married….”
Full Summary: A Business-Minded Spouse as a Business Investment

How Women Make Themselves Cheap
“…Be fussy ladies!
Seriously, I cannot encourage you too much to be extremely fussy in your standards regarding his character. Look for someone who tells the truth, to himself, and to others. Look for someone who acknowledges his own faults, and apologises, without necessarily waiting for you to point out what he has done wrong. Sometimes people innocently don’t know. Watch then for how he responds when you (gently) point out his mistakes…”
Full Summary: How Women Make Themselves Cheap

People Who Have Changed My Life: My Husband!
“…My darling husband. My very own darling husband,
I feel a bit self-conscious about expressing here for public view what you mean to me. I don’t want this to be about writing things to give other people a certain impression of our marriage. On the other hand, I respect you so highly that it would genuinely be hard for me to exaggerate what I think and how I feel about you. How can I even begin to express how deeply I love you, and how grateful I am to be joined to you for the rest of our lives?…”
Full Summary: People Who Have Changed My Life: My Husband!

Already Desperately in Love
“…I’ve been twisting these issues over in my mind for so long, and this is what I believe I have finally understood: I have the kind of romantic nature that makes me feel as if I was born to be hopelessly in love with my eventual spouse. This is my self-proclaimed destiny that I have eagerly embraced for many years. Over the years I’ve been building up a mental /emotional impression of my eventual spouse and marriage to the point where now I am already desperately in love with this mental image, both of the man and of the marriage….”
Full Summary: Already Desperately in Love

Anatomy of a Marriage Made in Heaven
“…In my writings I am always talking about the importance of a spouse who is truly striving to be like Jesus. Please please understand that by doing this I am not trying to “come across” as being “super spiritual” or “super holy”. I only say these things over and over because they are the most pragmatic, practical, down-to-earth and common-sense ways to ensure a beautiful and a peaceful marriage for yourself…”
Full Summary: Anatomy of a Marriage Made in Heaven

How to Be Truly Beautiful: From the Inside Out

“…I come from a family of smilers, and I’ve certainly given out my own fair share of radiant smiles. A huge grin has always been my personal trademark, and I’m naturally the kind of person that even when I’m crying I’m smiling! In fact, as a child some people just called me “Smiler” or “Always Smiling”. I used to completely take it for granted until a few years ago, when I lost my smile. Before then, joy always came so naturally to me, without my having to make any effort whatsoever…”
Full Summary: How to Be Truly Beautiful: From the Inside Out

How Joining a Church Is like Entering a Marriage
“…Have you ever met one of those people who is always talking endlessly about their latest relationship? “This one, is the real thing!” They post pictures, they happily change their Facebook relationship status to “In a relationship”, everything is simply perfect, and they could not be happier! Because you are their friend, you know them, you’ve seen it all before, so many times; you sit there peeking through your fingers at their latest updates, hoping and praying for them that this time will be different…”
Full Summary: How Joining a Church Is like Entering a Marriage

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