Ebook Summary: Blaming My Parents For Everything!

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Body, Soul and Spirit! (Also available as a standalone free ebook)
Well one day it occurred to me that if we as humans are composed of body, soul (or mind, will, intellect, creativity, emotions) and spirit, and if as a couple you are to be “one flesh”, then perhaps a deep and true love between a husband and wife would also reflect those three elements, that as a couple you would be deeply bound together and united in these three aspects.
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Blaming My Parents for Everything!
I was recently reading a post on another blog written by someone from a similar cultural background to mine. It was about being single as a Nigerian. I could identify so strongly with so much of what she said. One particular line made me laugh out so loud:
“These are the same people who all but glued a note to my forehead saying “no boys allowed” all through my 16 years of school.” Oh my goodness, yes, yes and yes!
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Mr & Mrs “Married Three Years” (Short Story)
Pretending to be asleep, I watched my husband as he prepared for the day ahead of him. Still seething from last night’s argument, I indulged my anger a little as I mentally rehearsed all his weak points. I had already recited a few when he walked back towards the bed, bent over and gently kissed me on my forehead. “Good morning sweetheart.”
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To Rekindle Your Fire, Try Rekindling Your Friendship!
So many couples talk about losing the fire or the spark of attraction between them after a few years of marriage. Could this be a solution:  to work on your friendship, to help reintroduce that atmosphere that is conducive to expressing those yearnings?  What I mean is working on your communication, the trust between the two of you, the intimacy…. That kind of attitude when you are first getting to know someone, and you find them so fascinating that you want to find out absolutely everything about them.
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Let’s Talk About…Shyness!!!
So yes, talking about shyness!
Shyness has been possibly the single biggest factor affecting my interaction with men throughout my entire life. Actually, I spent the first 11 years of my life being shy with essentially everyone until I realised that many people were (even) more scared of me than I was of them! But since then, I have greatly struggled to shake off my romantic shyness. Actually, I am so much better than I used to be.
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Ignoring My Huggie-Wuggie?
In fact, it is something that people say that it is when you make time to invest into yourself that you are truly empowered and energised to help other people. By God’s grace, I deeply hope and expect that my eventual longed-for marriage will truly be a place of mutual empowerment and energising, both for me and my husband. This hope is so profound within me that even now before marriage I find it energising and encouraging and inspiring to simply talk about this hope!
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Let’s Talk (Again!) About Doing the Pursuing!
This is possibly the most offensive aspect of this blog, the idea that a woman might be a human being in her own right, not just someone’s potential help-meet, and that she should choose her husband as surely as he chooses her, to fit in with her own life goals. Surely marriage could successfully be about two people mutually choosing one another?
Full Summary: Let’s Talk (Again!) About Doing the Pursuing!

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