Ebook Summary: How Do I Know If He’s My Friend?!

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All About Two Years (Also available as a standalone free ebook)
“… When discussing with my sister, she made a very obvious point. Namely this: who after all, can afford to wait for two years, checking someone out, in case they might be suitable? Well this is the thing. If you’re in a church, and there are various eligible singles, then it’s not as if you would check one person out exclusively for two years, then angrily cross them off your list, and go on to check out the next person. Rather, in the day to day or week to week interaction of church life, you would be getting to know everyone at once…”
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How Do I Know If He’s My Friend?!
“…However, this is my big challenge, as always. When you are strongly attracted to someone, and you have started dating them, then will you not emulate all of these things while you are dating, even if it is not fully sincere? Will you not talk endlessly about things, demonstrate care, concern and generosity for and to one another? Will you not go out of your way to support his interests, as he too will go out of his way to support your own? So how then would you know that there is indeed genuine friendship between the two of you?…”
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But Lord, I’m Lonely Now!!!
“… And I cried out to God in my spirit: “But God, I’m lonely now! I don’t need a husband two years from now, I need a husband as of two years ago!” This following is a sobering thought. That is, it has occurred to me since then (as it has occurred to me countless times before then) that the man I marry will be desperately flawed, as everyone is, so even if we are both Christians who pursue Christ as hard as we can, the marriage just may not provide the unmitigated joy and tender companionship that I expect to find there; that is, what I am lonely for…”
Full summary: But Lord, I’m Lonely Now!!!

Whatever You Want in Marriage
” So what exactly is it that you are (legitimately!) yearning for above all in marriage? Is it sex? Is it money? Is it children? Is it some measure of security? Is it companionship? Is it all of the above?! (Can I hear an “Amen”?!) You might think that sitting around, making the effort to get to know someone, building a friendship is all very well, if like me you’re into hugs and emotional intimacy. But if you want something quite different, then the path to it might be different? But no. “
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The Strange Balance of Marriage
” This is why unconditional love is more than a feeling, because it will require us countless times to act above our natural feelings and inclinations. So it has to be stronger than a feeling, otherwise our behaviour towards our spouses will vary depending on how we are feeling. For there to be true stability and security in marriage, both parties have to be sure of unconditional love from one another. “
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Love is Sincerely Not About the Other Person!
” When people talk about love, when someone has found someone else whom they decide to marry, for instance, the impression that tends to be given, is that there is something so phenomenally special about this person that has provoked in me a desire, a wish, a longing to love them with all my effort, my commitment, my passion, my faithfulness, forever. The point I am making in this post is that that is simply not true of any human being, that they are genuinely that phenomenal to that extent. “
Full Summary: Love is Sincerely Not About the Other Person!

Lord, Please Give Me a Prayer Warrior!
“Imagine having someone who is constantly in the Spirit, who lives in the presence of God. Imagine being able to constantly bounce ideas off one another, build one another up, push one another forward! Alongside the intense prayer focus, imagine too the more romantic side of this: living with someone who uses me to practise his unconditional love and tenderness. Well hello Baby!!!”
Full Summary: Lord, Please Give Me a Prayer Warrior!

What It Means to Be Attractive
“I know that it is the joy in my heart that lights up my eyes (usually with mischief) and puts a wide beaming smile on my face and laughter into my mouth. I know that this is the most attractive thing about me as a person and this is what makes me happiest about myself and happiest to be myself. There is also joy and confidence in the future and being thankful for my life and grateful for all that God has made me, and all that He is doing in my life. And I know that that is also extremely attractive.”
Full Summary: What It Means to Be Attractive

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