Deserving You

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“Only God can give you the love you’re looking for, and only God can give you the person that loves Him enough to deserve you. “

This slogan was posted by someone called Trent Shelton, whose page on Facebook is available here and whose organisation, RehabTime Organization, is available here. *

So I recently came across this slogan on Facebook. When I read it, its message immediately resonated with me. In fact, I assumed that it had originated from a woman, because so many of these relationship messages on social media are directed at women, and are dreamt up by other women to encourage them to hold out for God’s best.

Only God can give you the love that you are looking for.” How deeply true this statement is. And yet how easy it is to lose that understanding. This is part of the reason that I like this particular meme so much. This first sentence articulates so well something that is so important. When your heart is yearning for intimacy and friendship and understanding and acceptance and everything else that one can dream of in love, it is so easy to start looking longingly not at God but rather at the potential spouses that you wish to provide that. However these people, as lovely as they might be, are not going to be able to provide that love in and of themselves. Ultimately it is going to come from God. I need to remember that. I need to keep going back to God. I need to make sure that my eyes and heart remain focused on Him. I need to trust Him that He will choose a handsome and holy servant of His as an instrument to use to grant me this love, even as He will use me as an instrument to love this servant of His in return.

I sometimes find it easy to forget that God is the ultimate source of the deep love that I am looking for because God Himself is not going to physically give me a hug, is He? Jesus is not going to return to earth just to stare dreamily into my eyes. And yet God made marriage. He made it to be good. He delights in everything good and beautiful about marriage, and if I have a good and beautiful marriage, it will definitely be because He has granted it as a gift. So He is the true source of the kind of beautiful love that I am looking for. I guess it’s fair to say that I have been focusing on the instrument (the man) rather than on the God who is the source of the love. So this meme is a timely reminder to stop focusing on the imperfect instrument that God might use to grant me this kind of love, and focus instead on the God who is the true source of it all. This also means that I can be more open-minded regarding whichever instrument or man that God will choose to use in this way.

Only God can give you the person that loves Him enough to deserve you.
This was the clause that really spoke to me in the above meme, and yet the phrasing is a little difficult. Once again it manages to articulate something that I have been trying to express in various ways for so long on this blog. And yet talk of “deserving” another person romantically…


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