Celebrating Some Amazing Friends!

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So over the last few hours I was reflecting on a few things, and I was feeling a little sorry for myself, if I am honest!  I was thinking about how much I crave amazing community, and how much I wish to be surrounded by a vibrant community of people who are full of love, and sincerity, and pursuit of God.

But then it occurred to me that actually, I’ve already got so many amazing friends!  And I sincerely do.  However you would never know it because I am always complaining!  But God has blessed me with so many people who love Him and love me.  The reason I fail to appreciate these friendships as much as I should is because all these friends are spread out in different places, and I know them all in different contexts. My dream would be for all these outstanding and lovely people to be concentrated in one geographical location, if we all attended the same church service at the same time, every week.  And then from that true community could arise. This above all is what my heart craves most deeply, even more, so much more, than it craves Huggie-Wuggie!

I have to admit that I am quite complacent about these friendships.  While each friend individually is excellent, I don’t feel that the general spread-out nature of my friendships as a whole fulfils my deep-felt need for community. Because of this,  I do not invest as much effort into these friendships as I should; I don’t call my friends nearly enough. And then I’m always complaining about being lonely! Moreover this is self-centred because I’ve always known that these friends need me as much as I need them.  I daresay that they probably crave community as much as I do. I have allowed some of my friendships to become extremely one-sided with the other party making all the effort, sending all the emails and texts, making all the calls…

As I was thinking about these things, this idea occurred to me: while I am still craving real community, which is simply like having all these lovely people together in one place…

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