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Sexual Purity


Freebook: Sexual Purity: Homosexuality

Video Intro: Video Intros Subblog: Sexual Purity – Homosexuality If you want more, please download the ebook! The ebook is available from Smashwords …


Sexual Purity: Further Thoughts

Video Intro: Video Intros Subblog: Sexual Purity: Further Thoughts This article is contained within the ebook: “Welcome to the Friendzone!” If you want …

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Tosin’s Guy Rules

Excerpt: “… OK, so without going into the specific details of what the “rules” actually are, the main point is that I …

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When Tosin Went Crazy!

Excerpt: “… I write my relationship thoughts as someone who is very, very human to other people who I know are also …

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FREEBOOK Ladies, know your cycle!

Excerpt: “To put it simply, as ladies, different hormones are released throughout our monthly cycles. Around the middle of our cycles, to …