“…But he’s Not a Christian!”

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Video Intros Subblog: “…But he’s Not a Christian!”

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So today, I want to share something that finally dawned on me, which made me feel not extremely bright. Here’s the thing. It is almost certain that I have realised this before. It is even extremely likely that I might have shared this thought before, right here, on “Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie”. However, such is the number of thoughts and ideas that occur to me about this Huggie-Wuggie thing that I am constantly forgetting whole ideas, even ideas on which I have already written long elaborate articles. And then the idea will again strike me forcibly, and I will ask myself “Why has that idea never occurred to me before?” And then I will realise “Oh, it has – in fact, I have actually written an article about it. Oh, OK then…” In this, I can derive a certain comfort that there is extreme consistency in the thoughts that occur to me – the same ideas will strike, with the same nuances even years later. This gives me hope that these ideas are not coming solely from me, (because I am human and liable to change), but might actually also be coming from the Spirit of God who is unchanging. I am sure that many of these Huggie-Wuggie ideas are from God, but undoubtedly they are mixed in with lots of stuff that originates from me.

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