Building a Foundation for Your Singleness

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This is the second attempt at writing this post.  My mind is like jelly right now, perhaps because I have been eating too much ice-cream! What makes this post a little harder to write is that while I have been typing it, fresh ideas have occurred to me and it has diverged into two distinct posts.

The Original Post:
The Original post that I intended to write was this: that as people who hope to get married, we have to build a foundation for our single years to enable us to thrive in singleness without prematurely throwing ourselves into marriage.
Secondary Post:
The secondary post that occurred to me even as I was trying to express the ideas for the first post, is that I have to embrace my singleness as a valid entity and stage in its own right; not just as an interim period before I get married.
Because this secondary idea impacts so greatly on the original post that I was going to write, I don’t know whether it is still appropriate to go ahead to write that first post, or whether I should just jump straight into the second.   Perhaps the best thing would be to write out the thoughts that occurred to me for the original post, then use that to build an argument for the secondary post idea.
So then this is what originally occurred to me:
I have spoken for a long time about the need to deliberately build a foundation for your marriage.  The idea is that you don’t just enter marriage and expect everything to go swimmingly.  Rather you deliberately anticipate issues that are likely to happen in marriage; you deliberately work on communication, you learn how to be friends; it is essentially about everything I have written on this blog!  It is targeted, it is intentional. All this is good and necessary.
However, a few weeks ago, it (finally!) occurred to me that this exact same thing is also necessary; that is, building an excellent foundation – even for singleness – that is, the period before you get married.  The “single” reason why this would be necessary would be to enable you to wait for as long as necessary, without throwing yourself into a possibly premature marriage, or a marriage where you have not taken time to build an excellent foundation.

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