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The ideas I hope to express in this post first occurred to me months and months ago. However, they were some of the post ideas I kept remembering then forgetting intermittently. When I first had these ideas the truth (I hope!) of the ideas struck me quite forcibly, but still they were theory. Very recently though, things have happened to me in my own life which would bring these ideas from the realm of “theory” to make them more real in my own life.

So these then are the ideas: On this blog, I never stop shouting about how I want (and very much need!) to be deeply crazy about my husband. Well one day it occurred to me that if we as humans are composed of body, soul (or mind, will, intellect, creativity, emotions) and spirit, and if as a couple you are to be “one flesh”, then perhaps a deep and true love between a husband and wife would also reflect those three elements, that as a couple you would be deeply bound together and united in these three aspects. To some people this might sound somewhat obvious? However I honestly cannot remember anyone else talking about marital unity this way before!

So in practice I guess this is what this might look like:

Concerning our relationships with God, we are both striving after the same things. We are both investing our everything to be our best for God, to know God, to live His Word and His truth. Furthermore, I deeply admire my would-be husband’s heart for God, and his character, as he admires my own. I literally love his spirit, and how that is manifested in his life, and in his relating with people, as he also loves my own spirit. Finally, I so deeply yearn for spiritual intimacy with this man; that is, to talk about God with him, to pray with him, to study the Bible with him, as he represents the kind of spiritual passion and commitment that I want to demonstrate in my life, and I want to surround myself with. I also want to get his frank and candid insight into different spiritual matters.

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