Blaming My Parents for Everything!

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Disclaimer/Confession: I actually thought of this post a few days ago, while I was typing out my last post. However, as I write it now, I have been suffering from a severe case of “Facebookitis” for a few days. That is, that (almost desperate) urge to draw attention to myself, usually on Facebook, by writing all manner of “witty” status updates, or sharing posts, usually with lashings of my own personal opinion to show how deeply I think etc, or to share details of my life. Perhaps mostly for the benefit of a certain person! (Oh very well – a certain someone!) I have largely resisted the urge to give in to that Facebookitis, but writing this post is my little capitulation to it. So erm, I can’t help using this post to share details of my life which might possibly not be strictly necessary…!
I was recently reading a post on another blog written by someone from a similar cultural background to mine. It was about being single as a Nigerian. I could identify so strongly with so much of what she said. One particular line made me laugh out so loud:

“These are the same people who all but glued a note to my forehead saying “no boys allowed” all through my 16 years of school.” Oh my goodness, yes, yes and yes!
That was exactly what happened in my own childhood. Reading over that article made me remember a few things…

For instance, on one hand we were not “allowed” to date. On the other hand, there was actually no-one to date, even if my parents had been more lenient! My Dad, like any typical educationally ambitious Nigerian father was well versed in educational matters, and was very aware of the fact that girls apparently do better in girls’ schools. So I and my sisters were duly packed off to single-sex schools. (Conversely, boys apparently do better in mixed institutions….) Additionally, the church we grew up in throughout my teenage years, pastored by the one and same father, was tiny and there were literally no boys to get to know. Ironically, in the run-up to my teens, we had been in another church which was a lot bigger, and we had had plenty of friends of both genders. We had had the most amazing social life imaginable, which I had happily taken for granted. But then, just when things were just starting to get interesting…


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