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Well today I had been planning to write a post about my personal conviction about the power in getting to know someone for two years before exploring the idea of a relationship with them. However, as I write this, the arguments involved feel a little too sophisticated for my present state of mind – it is quite an intellectual thing, so today instead I am going to write about something else I’ve been thinking a lot about – which is more from the heart, and is about having a high Huggie-Wuggie Quotient.

So here’s the thing: I used to think that everyone had the same capability, or nature, in “Huggie-Wuggie terms, that it was only a matter of finding that Huggie-Wuggie streak in the person. And then at the same time I also assumed that people whose marriages were not very expressive in Huggie-Wuggie terms, had simply chosen to focus on other aspects in choosing their marital partner. For this reason, I had always secretly looked down on such people and their marriages, as if they knowingly chose social status, for instance, over “real love”. By “real love”, I of course mean having the kind of marriage where you are always talking deeply and earnestly, and sharing heart-to-hearts – and hugging endlessly too, naturally!

However, a few months ago, I was thinking to myself, and I realised, with a flash (to be honest, it was a couple of months ago so I can’t really remember how I realised – I vaguely think that it was with a kind of flash!) Anyway, I realised – somehow! – that this simply is not true. Some people, like me, have a very, very high huggie-wuggie quotient, and some people – simply do not. (And then I also thought to myself, “Well I think I have a high “Huggie-Wuggie Quotient” – but maybe I don’t! Maybe it is actually quite average, possibly even low, and maybe there are people out there who utterly dwarf me in this respect! At any rate, for the purposes of this blog post, I am going to assume I have a high Huggie-Wuggie Quotient! And then there is also the fact that there is of course absolutely nothing scientific about the term “Huggie-Wuggie Quotient” – which I have just happily made up myself!) And so I realised – finally – that my task is not to find some guy, and manage to squeeze out Huggie-Wuggie characteristics from him, where they don’t naturally exist.

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