Freebook: A Business-Minded Spouse as a Business Investment

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This post is not about selfishly going out to get married just for the sake of pushing forward in business life and dreams. I know many people do that. For instance some people get married at least in part for the sake of having a free personal assistant, housekeeper, cook, cleaner etc. I am not talking about that here in this post. Rather I am talking about why two ambitious people who are both pursuing their own dreams in life, might find it conducive and deeply beneficial, not just for life generally but also specifically for their dreams, to find one another, genuinely fall deeply in love, and proceed to get married.

REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME: This is not just about being a high-octane “Power Couple”, but also about being able to switch fluently from that to just being “a guy and a girl”, walking arm-in-arm, quietly enjoying life. Not just a marriage of convenience, but actually a real marriage, of two people who genuinely know one another and like one another. The key word here is fluency. To be able to truly achieve this, we must both be comfortable in both environments. To be able to easily switch to being “low-key”, I’m thinking that we will have to consistently reserve some parts of our marriage where work, work goals and even money are simply not allowed to intrude.

INSTANT BUSINESS ASSOCIATE – A spouse who looks the part.
If there is no-one else available, and you need to present your business as a team endeavour, guess who is going to come along to meet the prospective clients? You are, of course, darling!

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