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Introducing Ethico! (Subject to name change/whatever is available when it comes to actually registering the company!)

Some context:
I have been blogging for “Huggie-Wuggie” for a good 8 years now. 8 whole years! And yet, in that time I have not monetised this site at all. Not because I fundamentally disagree with monetising this blog*, but rather because I could not think of a reliable, or dependable way to monetise without selling out the character of the blog. I have invested so much time, effort, thought and sincerity into this blog, and just putting any old spammy ads on it would be like tarnishing all that effort. *(Conversely I’ve made a very firm decision to not make money at all from my other blog, Tosin’s Bible Blog. This also includes my translations of the New Testament and everything else that is explicitly about Christian Ministry.)

So I finally found myself ready to monetise the blog but oh my goodness, what a headache it has been to find appropriate adverts, that match the character of the blog, that will not detract from it. Also I want my readers to feel completely comfortable on this blog that all the links they click on will be safe etc! However, despite all my extensive googling, I am yet to find an appropriate ad network. I have literally spent hours, even whole days, and I have been brought almost to the verge of tears with frustration. So I have decided to create an ad network myself!

Introducing Ethico Ads: Features:
-I have designed Ethico Ads to be suitable for all other blog publishers like me, from brand new bloggers with literally zero traffic right through to big established blogs. What this means is that you could establish a new blog today, and before you have even shared it with your friends or family you could put some Ethico Ads on it!

Choose your own adverts!
I am endlessly amazed that many ad networks apparently expect you to insert ad code, and then display on your blog just whatever ads might show up, for whatever kinds of products. This might work for some people who just create blogs without any real thought, time or effort. However, for people like me who truly invest time and care into their blogs, how does that work?! OF COURSE I want to monitor the products or services that are being promoted through my blog, to make sure that they fit in with the nature of this blog! OF COURSE I would want to carefully check everything out, to make sure I am not inadvertently leading my readers to be spammed or scammed or hit with some virus!

Completely ethical ads!
Ads supporting legitimate charities registered with the UK Charity Commission, or other official national Charity Commissions from other countries. Use your website to promote good causes. Choose charities where you can endorse their ethos, or you believe in what they believe in. So if you have a feminist blog, you could promote charities that support women. If you have a blog with cat videos, you could promote animal welfare charities. Or you could mix it up, switch it around, have monthly themes! Also use Ethico ads with other ad networks if you have had more success than I have had in finding appropriate ad networks for you!

Make money when people donate to your charities!
Just having the ads on your blog will increase the profile of your chosen charities so that way you would be supporting the charities anyway. However, when people donate to the charities through your website then you will also make a little money too, subject to legal considerations.

Sound good to you?! If you would love to see Ethico come alive or be realised, please give to the Ethico vision. Please note that at the moment Ethico is just an idea and it will remain an idea until it has attracted sufficient financial support. I cannot offer any guarantees that Ethico will ever be realised, or that it will be realised within a certain timescale. By giving your money you indicate that you understand that Ethico might never actually “get off the ground”, and you understand that you cannot request your money back (Sorry!)

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Fundraising milestones (subject to change)

Money Raised
0 – IDEA:
We are still in the idea stage (I say we, there is at yet, of course, only me!)

When we have raised $10,000 USD then we will start actively investigating how to move forward, and necessary legal and regulatory issues.
We will also actively start promoting Ethico to interested bloggers and charities

100000 (tentatively): WEBSITE CREATION, Company Registration

If you love this idea, why not promote it on your favourite social networks using the links below?

Donation Plugin – Coming soon!

While I would love to start collecting your money (obviously!), I want to make sure that I am thoroughly compliant with all legal issues, also obviously! So to test interest, I am asking people to share this idea on all their social networks. When we have garnered enough interest, like 100,000 – 1M genuine Facebook shares then we can start properly crowdfunding with actual money. In the meantime, please indicate your interest by clicking the Facebook share button below!